I was moving my business to a new building. Had worked with different electricians to complete the building. Contacted them to inspect the building for safety certifications before completion and opening. They identified a number of problems and worked to fix them all in time for my deadline. They saved us a lot of trouble and made sure the office opened in time. Will definitely work with them from now on for all our electrical needs and recommend them to anyone looking for electrical services.


My husband and I were tweaking our home and decided to brighten it up a bit as it seemed dull sometimes. We figured that we could do this by adding more lights to different parts of the house. We called them in and talked about our suggestion. After inspection, they approached us with another solution. They suggested simply changing the lights we had in our home. They installed new types of lights all around the house and made sure our supply and fuse box could carry all the voltage. Not only did they brighten up the home, but they also saved us a lot of money and I will definitely use them again


I was having a baby and needed to child proof my home. We called them so they could inspect the house for all the possible electrical hazards and safety proof them. They completed a full inspection and worked on child proofing all the sockets, outlets and switches in our home. They were very friendly and the prices were reasonable. I am now a regular client.  


I worked with them on the building project for my house in installing all the electrical aspects from the lights to the outlets. I use them for all my repairs.


Cover of power cable that was running from electrical meter to electrical panel in my house was very badly frayed also had to get replaced. I looked through the list, and checked out one with most feedback and highest rating, and this was your company thanks for the good work

Bob Smith

As it turned out, your electrician service deserve all kudos that the customers have lavished. What they actually ended up in contracted to do actually was the electrician service upgrade from over 150 - 200 amp in my house. Besides all wiring and rewiring that they need to do, they also secured electrical permit for upgrading, and scheduled the visit by county inspector for the work, and arranged for power company for replacing other section of power cable as well as hook up new electrical meter, then they scheduled other county inspection. It was the big help for us because I did not know what I need to do or whom to call. Thank you so much

Robert Smith

Throughout the whole process, your electrician service guys were highly responsive to my questions in person, via phone and email, and keeping me totally informed about scheduling as well as wasted my time, also caused very little interruption of daily life.  

Maria Hernandez